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One of the opportunities provided by the car rental industry is the transfer service. The transfer is the procedure when a driver accompanies you during the transfer while you are fully authorized in conventional car rental. You can prefer the transfer service when you do not want to drive or when you do not have information about the road and route while going from one place to another. While enjoying the journey with our experienced and assigned driver, you can also complete the work you need to do, review your notes, or just watch the scenery instead of paying attention to the vehicles and the road in the flowing traffic.

What is Transfer? 

The transfer is the allocation of the vehicle you rent with an assigned driver. Our drivers, who are in charge of the transfer service, are experienced in their field, well-informed about the routes, and are professionals in the field of passenger transportation. Your journey, which starts at the airport or from the location you specify, continues comfortably until your destination. Vehicles that provide transfer service generally are vehicles such as minibuses, midibuses, and buses, while it is also possible to use sedan vehicles. The daily transfer procedure is offered taking into account the passenger carrying capacity, but the vehicles are well-prepared for the possibility of carrying cargo. With its spacious trunk, more than one passenger and cargo can be transported at once. The vehicles prepared for this service are comfortable and highly equipped vehicles.

How is Transfer Applied?

When renting a car, it must be stated that the transfer is requested. This service, which is mostly preferred at airports, has many advantages for guests coming from outside the city. In transfer services, a route is determined between the passenger pick-up point and the destination point, and a program is formed for this distance, taking into account road speed limits, weather and traffic conditions. Within this program shared with the passenger, the service starts as soon as the passenger is picked up and ends when the passenger reaches the destination. If desired, planning can be done by specifying more than one stop. All these processes are determined and planned according to your needs. If you are travelling between cities or having a busy day, you can take advantage of our transfer car rental service to speed up your work. Our company will give you the necessary information on this subject.

Transfer Prices

Private car transfer, the rapidly developing service of the car rental sector, is offered to your service with conditions suitable for all conditions. Our customers who want to use the transfer service from different points can contact our company to have information about the transfer prices. Since many vehicle options are available in the transfer car rental service, as in the rental car service, the price is determined according to the vehicle you choose. The price will be shaped accordingly if more than one location is planned during the trip.

Advantages of Transfer 

Generally preferred by our customers who will travel between cities, the transfer service has many advantages. You can reach your destination safely by choosing our airport transfer service for your journeys through the airline. In a new city, you may need to learn the route. In this case, you can take advantage of our transfer service in order to avoid transportation problems. Besides, if you are going to accommodate at a hotel, our hotel transfer service is also suitable for you. Instead of using the car by yourself in an unknown city, the transfer service with a privately assigned driver will be much more convenient.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Conditions for Transfer?

The conditions for transfer service vary from region to region. Apart from this, the selected vehicle also requires some conditions. You can obtain the best information on the subject by calling us.

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