Renting Conditions

The rented cars can only be driven by person/persons stated on the renting agreement and delivery form. In cases of damage occurred when the vehicle is used by third parties non-stated on the agreement, the damage insurance is not valid. To increase the number of drivers, you can purchase “Additional Driver” service from our offices. Maximum 2 additional drivers can be assigned to a car. Renting is possible for drivers who meet the age/license conditions set forth on vehicle type forms.

In cases where the conditions are not met, you may purchase the package called “Young Driver” and rent your vehicle in accordance with the limits in this package. The young driver package includes “insurance”. You may kindly learn the prices of Additional Driver and Young Driver packages from our headquarters or offices.

Conditions on Age and License Issuance Date

The below table presents minimum age and license issuance date requirements in accordance with vehicle types. These requirements should be met by the principal renter and additional driver(s). The Turkish ID number should be written on the license.

Segment License Year

Economy 4
Medium 4
Luxury 6
Minibus 6


Daily renting price describes the renting price to be paid by the RENTER excluding all other additional expenses maximum for 24 hours


The monthly renting price describes the renting price to be paid by the RENTER excluding all other additional expenses maximum for 30 days.

In cases of delay:

For delays more than 1 hour, 1/3 of the daily renting price of that vehicle is paid, for delays more than 2 hours, 2/3 of the daily renting price of that vehicle is paid,  for delays more than 3 hours, 1 day price of that vehicle and for delays more than 24 hours, the maximum daily possible price for that vehicle is paid.  In such cases, the RENTER is obliged to pay any other loss of the RENTING COMPANY that may arise due to the delay. Additionally, this issue cannot be interpreted in a way that the renting agreement has been extended and has become an agreement of indefinite duration.

Please return the car with the same fuel level as the time of renting. When the car is returned with less fuel, an additional service price of 40% of the fuel price is added to the total sum.

Returning to the Office:

If you want to return the car to any office other than the one you have taken it, “One Way” tariff is applied.

One-way tariff is applied to return the car to any office other than the one you have taken it within the same city.

Taking the car from and address and returning it to the address:

The service of taking the car from an address and returning it to the address depends on the availability of our offices. It is charged based on the distance between the requested address and our office. The price is TRY 5 per kilometer.

The vehicle insurances vary depending on the special offers and prices. The details of the insurance are stated on the agreement and delivery form. If you want to know the prices and limits of extra insurance that you may need, please get in touch with our reservation center or the office that you will rent your car. Please find below the information regarding the insurances and security:

Mini Insurance Against Damage: it covers blow-out in one-sided accidents up to TRY 2500 upon declaration. Only one blow-out is covered in mini-insurance against damage.

Super Mini Insurance Against Damage: It covers damages up to TRY 5000 in one-sided accidents.

Personal Accident Insurance: For driver and each passenger, TRY 30,000 for permanent disability, TRY 3,000 for treatment expenses.

Liability Insurance for 3rd Parties: Assurance for third parties up to TRY 150,000 in addition to compulsory automobile liability insurance.

All traffic fines which are issued due to traffic infringement (including the use of the wrong tollhouse in bridges and highways) are to be paid by the renter whose name is written on the rental agreement through his/her credit card.

Tüm araçlarımızda HGS mevcuttur. Köprü ve özel otoyol geçişlerinde 1.000 TL’ye kadar %20, 1.000-2.000 TL arası %10, 2.000 TL ve üzeri için ise %5 hizmet bedeli uygulanmaktadır.

Please find below the details of extra products and services we provide. Please get in touch with our reservation center for more details on prices.

  • Child Seat
  • Navigation
  • Taking and Returning the Car from a Specific Address
  • Young Driver Service
  • Additional Driver Service

Please find below the details of extra products and services we provide. Please get in touch with our reservation center for more details on prices. In cases where the daily limit exceeds the monthly limit, the total km cannot exceed to monthly limit regardless of the date of the agreement. You can purchase extra kilometer from “extra services” page.

500 km in economic vehicles up to 7 days; On the 8th day, it is fixed in km per month.

500 km in luxury vehicles up to 5 days; It is fixed in km per month on the 7th day.

Segment License Year License Type Provision Cost Daily Km Limit Monthly Km Limit Extra Price (TL) Per Km
Economy 4 Years B 1.500 TL 400 km 4.000 km 2 TL
Medium 4 Years B 2.000 TL 400 km 4.000 km 2 TL
SUV 4 Years B 3.000 TL 400 km 4.000 km 2 TL
Lux 6 Years B 5.000 TL 400 km 3.000 km 5 TL
Minibüs 6 Years B 5.000 TL 400 km 4.000 km 5 TL
C200,E200,A6 6 Yıl B 10.000 TL 300 km 3.000 km 5 TL

Reservation Options as “Pay Now” and “Pay Later”

In your reservations made using “Pay Now” or “Pay Later” options, you can change the segment of your rental car, your reservation date and you can add extra products or services yet you cannot change the office from which you will take your car. If you want to change the office from which you will take your car, then you need to first cancel your current reservation. When you make a new reservation, the price of your previous reservation will no longer be valid.

Early Return

In cases where the car is returned before the pre-arranged reservation dates, the price is recalculated based on the day the vehicle is used. If the price is less than the collected amount, then the price difference is paid. If the price is more than the collected amount, no extra price is charged.

Extension of the Rental Period

In cases where an extension of the rental period is requested upon the starting of rent, the price is automatically calculated by the system and the amount is taken from the credit card which was submitted during the first rental period.


If the rented car is not taken 2 hours after the already stated pick-up time, no-show begins and no car from any segment can be guaranteed. Your reservation is canceled 4 hours after a no-show.

Cancellation and Refund

You can cancel your reservation 24 hours before the reservation date free of charge. On the date of the reservation, you can cancel your reservation in 3 hours upon completing your reservation registry free of charge, as well. If you want to cancel our reservation except for the above stated conditions, then only one day rental price is collected. This amount is stated in the informative e-mail sent to you following the completion of your reservation. In the “payment details” of the said email, you may find information on the daily prices of your rental car.

All costs regarding the rental car are collected from the credit card the renter submits. Bank card, virtual card and debit cards are not accepted.

In cases of an accident/damage, you should call the emergency helpline, should not move your car from the accident/damage scene, inform the traffic police or traffic gendarmery and take “alcohol report along with police report” so that your insurance can be valid. In cases of an accident resulting in material damage, if the two parties involved in the accident come to terms regarding the accident, “Accident Report Resulting in Material Damage” can also be drafted.

In cases of car jack, you should call the police and takethe  “Car Jack Investigation Report”. You should deliver this report to us along with the car key.

In cases of accident, car jack, car breakdown, blow-out and other emergency situations, you may reach our “Emergency Hotline” through 4440862 which provides service 24/7 all over Turkey.

Going Abroad: Our insurances are valid only within Turkish territories and going abroad with rental cars is strictly forbidden. Please check your delivery form and agreement.

Your reservation is confirmed in accordance with your car type preference and this will not guarantee any specific make and model of a car.

The renter accepts and undertakes all damage and loss occurred on the car that s/he has taken in good condition including mechanical and electronic damage (including but not limited to transmission failure due to faulty gearshift, continuation of car use despite signal light on the car panel, hitting under the vehicle, damaging tires and wheel rim, damages or loss due to fuel, etc.) which stems from the renter’s fault, lack of attention and/ or imprudence. All these mechanical and electronic damages and loss out of the insurance coverage.

Winter tire is an additional service with an extra charge. Winter tires can vary depending on the region and the office branch and are limited in stock.

Your financial analysis should match the Turmobil rental criteria for your reservation to be finalized for all groups.

It’s obligatory to present a document that has your ID Number to receive the vehicle.

Your financial analysis can be done through Credit Bureau Corp. (‘KKB’ for short or ‘kredi kayıt bürosu’) with your ID number and telephone number registered at Turkish banks. After this information is obtained in the questioning, you need to confirm the message that will be sent to your phone number that is registered at Turkish banks. You accept and declare that this questioning is conducted within your knowledge and explicit consent and that you have read and understood the notice at the address Turmobil Corp. cannot be held responsible in regards to ensuring the confidentiality of subscriber information that is processed as a result of this questioning conducted by KKB.

Economy 1000 Points and above
Medium 1250 Points and above
Luxury 1500 Points and above