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Many automobile manufacturers around the world continue to work on electric car production. In this case, the demand for electric car rental in the rental car industry has increased gradually. Electric cars use their own energy, as well as cars that run on conventional gas and diesel support. Cars that work on their electric motor system have been frequently preferred for a greener nature. The preference of renters in this line has gradually increased.

What is Electric Car Rental? 

A new breath of fresh air in the car rental industry, the rental electric car is a system that provides high comfort on clean roads without the hassle of fuel. Constantly developing and renewing technology and the benefits it provides have been made use of in the rent-a-car sector as in every sector. Electric cars are the most obvious indicator of this. The decision-making process is also facilitated by the test drive opportunity offered for customers who will experience electric cars for the first time.

How to Rent an Electric Car? 

The process of electric car rental is the same as in conventional vehicles. However, various differences are available in terms of features and usage compared to conventional cars. Therefore, before you get an electric car rental service, you need to make sure whether it is suitable for you. With the support you will receive on this subject by calling our company, it is possible to benefit from the reliable service we provide at affordable prices. Please call us for detailed information.

What are the Types of Electric Cars?

Types of electric cars are classified differently according to their batteries. Divided into four different classes, these car models are hybrid, plug-in hybrid, battery electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles.

Hybrid cars are models where fuel and electrical energy can be used together. You can use any engine power you wish in these cars.

Plug-in hybrid cars are vehicles that have a charging port as well as a fuel tank. In such vehicles, when the fuel is low, the electrical components cut in, and the possibility of being stranded on the road is scarcely any.

Battery electric vehicles are vehicles in which the battery is used to power the electric motor. Since no fuel is used in these vehicles, they are in the category of completely electric vehicles.

Fuel cell vehicles are vehicles in which the electric motor is powered by hydrogen gas. Such electric vehicles are not charged or refuelled. The engine converts hydrogen and oxygen to produce its own energy.

Advantages of Electric Car Rental 

The advantages of electric cars in the rental car sector are quite varied. Electric cars have a single-speed gearbox. This makes it easier for the car to start compared to the conventional cars for the first starting system. However, the quick acceleration time is one of the advantages it provides. The comfort that it offers and its grip feature have also received thumbs up from users. It has quiet engine power. Since the parts that make noise in conventional cars are not found in electric cars, the interior of the cars is also quite spacious. If you plan to rent an electric car, you can get detailed information by contacting our company. Our specialized team and experienced customer representatives are ready for you.

Prices of Electric Car Rental 

The prices, which vary for each vehicle, also vary in the field of electric car rental. Although the prices specified according to the car you choose vary, the only thing that does not change is the comfort it offers! If you want to enjoy environmentally friendly electric cars, you can contact our company.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Power does an Electric Car Use in a Km? 

Electric cars consume 18 kWh of electricity at an average level of 100 km driving distance. This level is considered very low in general.

How is an Electric Car Charged? 

Electric vehicles are charged via stations established for charging. It is possible to find these stations in most regions of Turkey.

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