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Free yourself to nature

When you get tired of the hustle of the city and want to rest your head, it means that long distances are calling you. A comfortable vehicle is the first step of a peaceful vacation where you will be alone in a quiet and calm area. If you want to rent this comfortable vehicle, we recommend renting a caravan. A caravan is a unique option where you can rest whenever you want, and it allows you not to seek a rest area for eating or for different needs. Instead of looking for hotel rooms facing the beach, it offers you the opportunity to stay by the beach and relax in the deepest part of nature instead of looking for places which are interwoven with nature. Therefore, a rental caravan is a choice beyond perfect for a peaceful vacation.

What is Caravan Rental?

Recently, a caravan has been a frequently preferred vehicle to get away from crowded hotels and the noise of the city. It is a unique alternative for those don’t who want to stay at a specific location and spend a peaceful time in every region intertwined with nature.

When you want to rent a caravan, you need to define your criteria for the right choice. We can divide these criteria into groups as follows:

  • Are you going to go on this trip alone or accompanied by your family or loved ones? It would be best if you can give the answer to this question. Accordingly, the choices you make will be much more suitable.
  • Another thing you should pay attention to is your route. Before you go on a trip with a caravan, you should plan a route. Although the basic needs are generally met without any problems in caravan campgrounds, you should plan accordingly if you are going to prefer remote areas and deserted places.
  • You should prepare a needs list! Although appliances such as a portable kitchen and a stove are available in the caravans, you should bring along the materials you will use. You can shape your list of necessary items according to the nature of your long- or short-term trip.

The caravan, which is also very suitable for exploring new places, provides a genuine vacation thanks to its comfort. In the caravan, you can enjoy resting and nature by experiencing more than one emotion at the same time at every moment of your trip.

For these details, you can call us to get information about rental caravan prices, and you can get answers to all of your questions.

Types of Caravan 

If you want to go on a trip in a caravan, you should first define your own criteria, and you should choose the caravan model you need according to your criteria. Our caravans, which are offered to your service in two categories as motorhome and camper trailer, are offered according to your needs and aimed uses. No other vehicle is needed for towing the motorhomes. The primary items such as beds, cabinets and sinks are available in this caravan model, which does not make you long for the comfort of your home.

Camper trailers can be moved with the pick-up vehicle you already have. It offers comfortable accommodation for three people. When you share your travel plan with our company, we can offer the caravan model suitable for you and provide all the necessary information. You can call us to get detailed information about the profitable campaigns and prices of caravan rental we offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of a caravan rental?

Prices of caravan rental vary according to the caravan model you choose. Our company offers you the best price for each model.

Can a Class B driver's licence drive a caravan?

Class B driver’s license can be used for caravans weighing up to 750 kg. For caravans over 750 kg, the driver's license options are classified as BE, CE, DE.


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